Marketing is everything, and we get it.

The home selling process isn’t overly complex but it isn’t completely straightforward either. French + Associates employs a combination of marketing intelligence with a unique personalization that sets us apart from competitors. We understand that you want the absolute most value for your home, and that’s what we’ll get you. We also understand that you may have an emotional connection to your home, and we respect that. French + Associates unique selling process can be described as business acumen with a human element. Every client is different, and we get it.

Properties aren’t all the same, so why should their marketing be? French + Associates uses a combination of techniques to increase exposure, optimize resources and create an individual marketing plan for each property. A combination of the following services is what is needed to sell your home.


Home to over 100,000 agents in more than 100 countries, RE/MAX is undoubtedly the most recognized name in real estate. French + Associates licensing with RE/MAX provides its associates with market-leading education while giving French + Associates’ clients the comfort of working with the world’s largest real estate brand. Having a trusted name on your ‘For Sale’ sign is important, and we get it.


Appearance is key and French + Associates will ensure that your property shows at its best. Tara, French + Associates’ design consultant, meets with every single client. In fact, this is the first step in the selling process. Tara guides homeowners through their property, room by room, closet by closet, and explains the importance of ‘less is more’. Offering design suggestions and tips for where to get what, Tara coaches sellers so they can effectively prepare for the sale.


Technology has revolutionized the real estate industry, making it easier to narrow your property viewings with the click of a button. With just 7 seconds to capture the attention of an online viewer, it is crucial that a viewer’s first impression is influential. French + Associates works with Calgary’s leading real estate photographers to showcase your property in its finest form. In addition, all photography is taken during ‘twilight’ while the sun is setting, creating a more impressionable image that captures the attention of potential buyers. Your property needs to stand out from its competition, and we get it.


An insured French + Associates contractor measures every property to the Residential Measurement Standard. Accurate property measurements ensure that your home is correctly advertised and mitigate the risk of future legal issues from false representation.


In addition to MLS, French + Associates utilizes various social media and online marketing platforms to display its content. Retargeting marketing allows for strategically populated information to be funnelled to the desired end-user. Online marketing to such an extent is crucial in today’s competitive environment, and we get it.


An Open House is an excellent opportunity to showcase your property to potential buyers. Yes, nosey neighbours will visit as well, but your property will show so well they can’t help but tell their friends about it. In fact, French + Associates delivers flyers advertising your open house to nearby neighbours to increase exposure. Open Houses are at the discretion of the seller. Privacy is important, and we get it.


The importance of design and photography cannot be ignored, particularly if a property is vacant. Visualizing how one will live in a space can be difficult. Virtual staging assists with the visualization while optimizing the space. This innovative service transforms a vacant room or bare space into a virtual show home.


Popular for clients with active lives and small children, professional cleaning services offer an added sparkle to the home, making it show at its best. French + Associates insured contractor is often used post move out, post renovations, for vacant properties or prior to an open house. Cleanliness is important, and we get it.


Calgary is a beautiful city offering a range of communities for varying lifestyles. Let us highlight what yours has to offer. Whether it’s your community lake, nearby park, or convenient location, we want to showcase your home within your community. Unique blog posts customized for your property receive additional online marketing to the general public. French + Associates understands the beauty of your home and how to effectively have viewers want to find out more about it. Marketing is everything, and we get it.


French + Associates hosts various home selling, home buying and client events throughout the year. These events are utilized to educate Calgary and area residents on current market conditions and home selling or buying techniques. Whatever the event may be, current listings are strategically showcased to potential buyers in an informal and comfortable setting.